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Brief introduction

Shanghai Huafeng Industrial Control Tech. Corp. is a high-tech enterprise founded in 1992. We've been conferred as a high-tech enterprise by the Shanghai Municipal Government since 1994. Shanghai Huafeng focuses on E-Hydro drive & control and IOT, providing users with various equipment system solutions and systems integration.

 Shanghai Huafeng is the role model awarded by China's international trade enterprises Credit System of the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC. Thanks to our good faith in performing contracts and agreements, Shanghai Huafeng has become an distributor or agent for famous international brands of control components. 

Shanghai Huafeng is China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone free trade account holder, making full use of, the trade facilitation and reform measures, of the Free Trade Pilot zone, to carry out international trade including re-export Shanghai Huafeng works as a matchmaker for the local subcontracting business of construction projects and telecommunication engineering in countries along the Belt and Road, and also as an agent to export merchandise to these countries. Responding to the Coronavirus disease outbreak, Shanghai Huafeng is working together with the people of the countries along the Belt and Road to fight against COVID-19 by providing anti-epidemic materials to them.